Friday, 22 June 2018


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In the music room the whole class is doing a project
on how companies have different slogans and jingles,
Mrs Dowden divided us up into groups and gave us
all the company name Malafada. Each group was given
a jingle tune (mostly nursery rhymes) and we were given
a product. We all were given a piece of paper to write
down any ideas we have, and we created our own jingle.

Then we had to practice them until we knew them
off by heart. We are going to present to the whole
class, and Mrs Dowden will choose the best
performances and show them at the next whole
school assembly.

Different groups will have turns to perform
and they will all have different jingles,
there are currently four different groups,
sunblock, sandwich spread, deodorant
and toothpaste.
Every group has to sing to the tune of the rhyme
and they have to make it about forty-five seconds
to a minute, and usually they have to sing the
chorus twice. At the end you have to say your
slogan again and you say the company's name.
Room 7 has been working hard to
make a jingle and a slogan for their companies.

By Jacob and Jake


Last week, it was week 7 and…. ARTS WEEK! In week 7 we did multiple
things that got to do with art. This included, Dance, Drama, Music and
Visual Arts. We had an art rotation where the year 6 teachers covered an
area of art and each class would do fun activities with that specific teacher.

Mrs Swan and Mrs Cometti did Dance whilst Mr Mac and Mrs Lewis
covered Drama. Each teacher did different activities with us, children.

Mrs Swan did Sport related 8 beat dances, by making sport actions into
dance movements.
Mrs Cometti taught how to make a verb/noun into a dance movement.
She also taught us not to touch other people whilst dancing. We learned
this by playing a fun game called ‘City Square.’
With Mr Mac we played Family Portraits and made short plays to share
with the class.
Mrs Lewis’s activities included, how to act like an object, A fun short
little red riding hood play and making funny advertisements and
performing them in front of the class.
And to make it even better, on Friday we had mufti day. We could dress up
as anyone who had something to do with art. People dressed up as the
Mona Lisa, Painters, Mimes, Dancers, Fashion Designers and more!
Mrs Swan dressed up as her favourite singer named Madonna.
Overall, Room 7 absolutely enjoyed arts week. We can’t wait for the
art exhibition coming up! We will be presenting…. Wonderful Wired Critters………………

From the best class in the school ! :)

BY: Karthiga + Jasmine

Friday, 25 May 2018

        Baking Cupcakes
Today we made vanilla cupcakes
at Sunnyhills. It was a rainy Friday
when we arrived at school hall
we melted the butter in a bowl
and then mixed it with an electric beater.
Then we poured the sugar into the bowl
and mixed it with an electric beater again,
then we cracked 2 eggs into the bowl,
and poured in some flour, then added some milk as well as the vanilla essence.
We put them in the oven and they cooked
for 15 minutes. Lastly we tasted them
and they were delicious, So we handed
them to one for everyone and they loved them!!

The End

By Zoe Blanchard, Lily Jaksic and
Alexandra Lawry

Baking Vanilla Cupcakes ⍤

Firstly, Mrs V preheated the oven to 190°C, Mrs V also went to the staff
room to beat the butter. Secondly, Khan and Daniel added Chelsea caster
sugar, then Alex beated the mix until it was soft and fluffy with the electric mixer.
Thirdly Khan and Lily cracked the two eggs, and we had to mix
the mixture well again! Our group added the sifted flour, milk and
vanilla essence then we beat the mixture again! We placed the paper baking
cases in a cupcake tin, we each put in the mixture in the paper cases until
it was 2/3s full.  We baked it for about 10 minutes. We were going to
make the vanilla icing, but we didn't have all the ingredients.
It was delicious.

By Khan & Aayush    
图片结果佛教寺院奥克兰gif图片结果佛教寺院奥克兰GIFBuddhist Temple

图片结果佛教寺院奥克兰gifRoom 7 went off with the
year 5’s and 6’s to
the Buddhist temple,
here’s what happened:

Firstly we  were placed into four separate
groups, 1, 2, 3 and 4. We were introduced to
the temple’s people and staff, then we went to
the wishing bell and learnt how to make a wish
with it. There was a long line to have your wish,
but it wasn’t too long of a wait.
Secondly we huddled inside a small room.
Then the staff taught us how to hold an ink brush
and gave us a piece of paper with chinese
characters to trace over. It was a really hard grip.
Most children struggled, some of us just gave up.
After we were finished we picked up our papers
and headed to our next activity.

We walked over to another part of the temple,
before we entered we had each been each given
a flower to put in a little area with all the other flowers.
We scurried into the room and watched a video about
a prince riding on a white horse. We then wrote a wish
on a  piece of paper which was shaped as a leaf,
cloud or flower. We then each got a pin and stuck it
onto the wall.

After we were all outside in a group we learnt how to
bath the buddha. Firstly we poured water over the
right shoulder, then the left. Finally the back,
whilst doing so we were saying the 3gs and 4gs.
After we walked up a few steps and had a small break.
We each got biscuits and small cup of water to
wash it down. While we were enjoying our food
we got a tattoo which said one of the 3gs  4gs in

Once we had finished we scrambled inside
a few policemen came to talk to us. We got to
ask questions about what they carried around with
them on the job. One of the kids asked if they could
get handcuffed and the police replied with, “alright.”
After he got handcuffed we had to exit. It was sad to
leave but we all had a great time, we each got a horse
charm to remember the special moments we had there.

By Shreyas, Shayden, Zoe and Tony.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Making Chocolate chip Cookies

Today we made chocolate chip cookies.

First we preheated the oven to 180 degrees .
Then we laied down some baking paper on the oven tray.
Third we poured the cookie mixture in a big bowl.
Afterwards we scooped a third of a cup of butter and
dropped it in the bowl.
First we cracked a giant egg and mixed it all
together with no water or milk.
When it was all gooey and smooth,
Mrs V(our helper) then mixed the mixture
with her hands.
After we just took a lump if the cooking batter
a rolled it into a ball and dropped it onto the oven tray.
Then very carefully Mrs V slid it into the heated oven.
We baked it for about 15-20 minutes then
took it out to look at it.
Each of us quickly took a big bite out of it to see
what it tasted like. It was so delicious.
Some of us thought it tasted a bit like cereal.
The finished product was so good that
everyone in our class loved it.
By: Jasmine.H


Sign Language

                          Sign Language

In Room 7 this week we are learning to learn sign language.  It is an exciting and new subject. Most of us have learned how to spell our names in sign language. We have also learned how to spell thing like, ‘good morning,’ ‘girl’ and ‘boy.’ We wonder how deaf people learnt it. Our teacher makes it look so easy to do, but in actual fact it’s very difficult! It makes us feel very lucky because we can hear. Here are the letters of sign language:
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Kiwi Icon

Room 7 had been working on the kiwi icon for weeks. We have worked on showing the icon  that we wanted to save the most. Mrs Swan told us,“If you could save any icon from New Zealand what would it be?” We all had to take in to account that there was so much of them that we would have to choose carefully and work out how important they are. We thought  the hardest/most stressful time was when we didn’t have the resources we needed, last week.
Image result for kiwi icons

The How We Made The Kiwi Icon

First of all we painted the foam balls, then we waited for the paint to dry, on the second day we did a second layer and also painted the beak,The next day we put on the googly eyes. After that we made the kiwi’s base ( Home/Natural habitat ) And we put the skewers for the feet. Then, we put the skewers in the base of the habitat and it stood up! We then put the beak on and we were finished. I think that the best part was when we finished because that was when we were all relieved since we had been working for weeks

By Jake and Shreyas