Thursday, 5 April 2018

~ Term 1 Art in Room 7 ~

Term 1 is nearly coming to an end and Room 7 has created such phenomenal masterpieces. This includes, our Picasso Self portraits, Chinese Dragons and Taniwha work and we’ve just started our latest masterpiece on Mixed Media by Don Binney. (And we’re not talking about social media we are talking about art, using different materials)

First we created our Picasso self Portraits. You might think they look a bit crazy, but that's because they're supposed to, because there inspired by Picasso portraits. First we drew our faces in pencil and went over in black paint, then we coloured in our faces in colorful paints, then we did the background, and for full potential we used pastel to make it look sharper and give the portraits detail.

Earlier in the term, Chinese new year commenced, so in our class we talked about important symbols in Chinese culture. We came across the Chinese dragon and we thought this was pretty similar to the Taniwha, so we did some research and recorded our information on a Venn diagram. Then we created some art. First we sketched in our sketching books and drew them on a white piece of paper. Then we used dye to give it some colour. Finally we gently ripped the paper to give a cool effect.

And now we are starting on our Mixed Media. In this artwork we need to include, a native bird/animal, a native plant, a NZ Landscape  and a NZ icon. We will incorporate, charcoal, water colour, pastel and collaging. We can’t wait for it to be finished!

So come on now, to Room 7 and check out our gallery in our class!

By: Charlotte and Karthiga 

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  1. A great wee report Charlotte and Karthiga. Looking forward to seeing what you produce next! Art is my favourite subject!