Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Kiwi Icon

Room 7 had been working on the kiwi icon for weeks. We have worked on showing the icon  that we wanted to save the most. Mrs Swan told us,“If you could save any icon from New Zealand what would it be?” We all had to take in to account that there was so much of them that we would have to choose carefully and work out how important they are. We thought  the hardest/most stressful time was when we didn’t have the resources we needed, last week.
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The How We Made The Kiwi Icon

First of all we painted the foam balls, then we waited for the paint to dry, on the second day we did a second layer and also painted the beak,The next day we put on the googly eyes. After that we made the kiwi’s base ( Home/Natural habitat ) And we put the skewers for the feet. Then, we put the skewers in the base of the habitat and it stood up! We then put the beak on and we were finished. I think that the best part was when we finished because that was when we were all relieved since we had been working for weeks

By Jake and Shreyas


  1. WOW!!!Good job Jake and Shreyas looks like hard well made work you have done there! (jakes little brother) :)

  2. What other icons might symbolise New Zealand? We are lucky that the kiwi is only found in NZ and is unique to our culture/land.