Friday, 25 May 2018

图片结果佛教寺院奥克兰gif图片结果佛教寺院奥克兰GIFBuddhist Temple

图片结果佛教寺院奥克兰gifRoom 7 went off with the
year 5’s and 6’s to
the Buddhist temple,
here’s what happened:

Firstly we  were placed into four separate
groups, 1, 2, 3 and 4. We were introduced to
the temple’s people and staff, then we went to
the wishing bell and learnt how to make a wish
with it. There was a long line to have your wish,
but it wasn’t too long of a wait.
Secondly we huddled inside a small room.
Then the staff taught us how to hold an ink brush
and gave us a piece of paper with chinese
characters to trace over. It was a really hard grip.
Most children struggled, some of us just gave up.
After we were finished we picked up our papers
and headed to our next activity.

We walked over to another part of the temple,
before we entered we had each been each given
a flower to put in a little area with all the other flowers.
We scurried into the room and watched a video about
a prince riding on a white horse. We then wrote a wish
on a  piece of paper which was shaped as a leaf,
cloud or flower. We then each got a pin and stuck it
onto the wall.

After we were all outside in a group we learnt how to
bath the buddha. Firstly we poured water over the
right shoulder, then the left. Finally the back,
whilst doing so we were saying the 3gs and 4gs.
After we walked up a few steps and had a small break.
We each got biscuits and small cup of water to
wash it down. While we were enjoying our food
we got a tattoo which said one of the 3gs  4gs in

Once we had finished we scrambled inside
a few policemen came to talk to us. We got to
ask questions about what they carried around with
them on the job. One of the kids asked if they could
get handcuffed and the police replied with, “alright.”
After he got handcuffed we had to exit. It was sad to
leave but we all had a great time, we each got a horse
charm to remember the special moments we had there.

By Shreyas, Shayden, Zoe and Tony.

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  1. I really enjoyed the visit to the temple and know that the 3Gs and 4Gs really support our school values. The 3Gs and 4Gs are universal ways for us to have a better world and be great citizens. I hope you remember to practice them everyday!