Friday, 22 June 2018


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In the music room the whole class is doing a project
on how companies have different slogans and jingles,
Mrs Dowden divided us up into groups and gave us
all the company name Malafada. Each group was given
a jingle tune (mostly nursery rhymes) and we were given
a product. We all were given a piece of paper to write
down any ideas we have, and we created our own jingle.

Then we had to practice them until we knew them
off by heart. We are going to present to the whole
class, and Mrs Dowden will choose the best
performances and show them at the next whole
school assembly.

Different groups will have turns to perform
and they will all have different jingles,
there are currently four different groups,
sunblock, sandwich spread, deodorant
and toothpaste.
Every group has to sing to the tune of the rhyme
and they have to make it about forty-five seconds
to a minute, and usually they have to sing the
chorus twice. At the end you have to say your
slogan again and you say the company's name.
Room 7 has been working hard to
make a jingle and a slogan for their companies.

By Jacob and Jake

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  1. I hope that next time you might record your jingles so that you can post them to the blog and receive feedback for your efforts. Making jingles sounds like a lot of fun and interesting learning to apply music in a real life context.